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Family Dentistry

At Door Creek Dental, we offer all types of dentistry to treat the entire family. From an initial dental visit for your 2 year-old child, Clear Aligner treatment for mom, to implant treatments for grandma; each dentist at Door Creek Dental has an abundance of knowledge, expertise and experience to satisfy the needs of all our patients.

We also understand your family time is valuable and are able to accommodate multiple family members during the same visit time.

Establishing lasting relationships based upon open communication, mutual trust, and compassionate care are the keys to helping families achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Summary of Services

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Fillings
  • Full Dentures
  • Laser Dental Treatments
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas for dental anxiety
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Removable Partial Dentures
  • Sports Mouth Guards
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Tooth Sealants
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Treatment
  • Veneers

Professional Cleanings

Why is it important to have regular teeth cleanings and check-ups?

For both children and adults, we recommend a professional dental cleaning and check-up be performed every six months. With regular visits, we can detect problems early and help you maintain your oral and overall health.

What to Expect

  • Review of dental concerns, dental chart and medical history
  • Dental X-rays if needed
  • Cleaning of teeth and gums by a Dental Hygienist to remove bacterial plaque and tartar
  • Polish of teeth surfaces to removed stain
  • Dental examination by a dentist including oral cancer screening and TMJ evaluation
  • Topical Fluoride treatment, as prescribed

Digital X-rays

Reveal dental conditions that cannot be easily seen:

  • Decay inside and between teeth
  • Signs of gum disease such as loss of bone around teeth
  • Cysts
  • Tooth abscess and infections
  • Developing, unerupted teeth

To minimize exposure:

  • Radiographs are taken only on an as-needed basis
  • Our clinicians ensure proper positioning of the radiograph cone to isolate exposure
  • We use digital radiography which has the lowest possible exposure – up to 100 times less exposure.

Periodontal Treatment

What is Periodontal (Gum) Disease?

Also known as gum disease, it is a chronic infection that can become painful and destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Eventually, so much bone may be lost that your teeth will become loose, and in severe cases, have to removed. Periodontal disease cannot be cured, it can only be maintained.

What are the symptoms?

  • Your gums may bleed when you floss or brush
  • Your gums may be soft, swollen, and tender
  • Your gum may start to pull away from your teeth
  • Your teeth may become loose
  • You may have persistent bad breath
  • You may have no symptoms at all

What are the treatments?

  1. Scaling and Root Planing : this procedure removes plaque, tartar, and bacterial toxins from the tooth surfaces below the gum line. To keep patients comfortable, we usually use local anesthetic.
  2. Frequent appointments every 3-4 months (“periodontal maintenance” appointments)
  3. In some more severe cases, we will recommend a referral to a gum specialist. (Periodontist)
    We do not recommend delaying treatment because although periodontal disease is incurable, it is still treatable. Our goal with periodontal treatment at Door Creek Dental is to help you save your smile.
    If you have been experiencing any or all of the symptoms mentioned above, CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.


Most Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • A severely decayed or infected tooth that cannot be fixed
  • Severe gum disease leading to a loss of bone and soft tissue support
  • Inadequate space for erupting permanent teeth or extra teeth that are blocking others from erupting
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • Inadequate space for your wisdom teeth
  • The visible portion of a tooth or root is severely fractured

Post-op Instructions for Extractions


  • Bite on gauze firmly for 15-20 minutes, site can drain for as long as 24-hours
  • Don’t spit, suck on candies or suck though a straw
  • Don’t rinse your mouth , and don’t brush or floss next to the site
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco. Avoid tobacco for at least 24-hours because it slows healing
  • Limit yourself to calm activities
  • Don’t drink hot, carbonated, or alcoholic drinks, and avoid hot or spicy foods

If you have been told you need a tooth extraction , CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.


Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or dies, root canal treatment is needed. Root canal treatment involves only removing the infected pulp inside of the tooth and then sealing the inside of the tooth with a special filling material.

What are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

  • Your tooth is severely sensitive to hot or cold
  • Your tooth hurts when biting or pressure
  • Your tooth has severe and/or throbbing pain
  • The area around your tooth is swollen
  • You have a bad taste in your mouth

You may also be unaware of the problem because there are no symptoms at all.

If you have been told you need a root canal, CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Dentures & Partials

Different Types of Removable Denture Treatments:

  • Full Denture: Replacement when all upper and lower teeth are missing.
  • Conventional Partial Dentures: Replacement when many, but not all the teeth in the upper and lower arches are missing.
  • Implant Retained Dentures: Implants can be added to provide more stability to a full denture, especially on the lower teeth areas.

Learn more about Denture Treatments by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Be Proud of Your Smile!
A smile is one of your most eye-catching features. With dentistry’s many advances, you no longer have to settle for misshapen, chipped or stained teeth. Now you have choices that can help you smile with confidence. Even the smallest change in your smile can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. Talk to a Door Creek Dental provider about the options most suitable for you.

  • Tooth whitening (bleaching) brightens teeth that are discolored or stained. Here at Door Creek Dental we help patients whiten their smiles.
  • Bonding can improve the appearance of teeth that are broken, stained, cracked, chipped, or have spaces between them. With bonding, tooth-colored materials are applied to the tooth surface.
    Enamel shaping involves modifying teeth to improve their appearance. The process can be combined with bonding and is usually quick and comfortable, results can be seen immediately.
  • Enamel shaping involves modifying teeth to improve their appearance. The process can be combined with bonding and is usually quick and comfortable, results can be seen immediately.
  • Veneers are thin custom-made shells made to cover the front side of teeth. These shells are made of tooth-colored materials. Veneers are used to change the appearance on teeth that are chipped or worn, permanently stained, poorly shaped or slightly crooked.
  • Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids. At Door Creek Dental we perform clean aligner orthodontics. This is a removable retainer that is worn for a period of time that helps straighten your teeth. Call Door Creek Dental to have a consultation today.

Learn more about Cosmetic Dental Procedures by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

CEREC – 1 Visit Crowns

What is a CEREC – 1 Visit Crown?

The name Cerec stands forChair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The process utilizes CAD/CAM technology to acquire digital impressions of the teeth. Then with computer assistance, we are able to custom design and fabricate tooth colored ceramic restoration. This can be done in one appointment, avoiding bulky traditional impressions, cumbersome temporary crowns, and eliminating the need for an extra appointment. The final restorations are very accurate, strong, and naturally beautiful to match your teeth.

Benefits of CEREC restorations

  • They usually only require one appointment, even if working on multiple teeth.
  • Only the necessary amount of tooth is removed, conserving healthy tooth structure.
  • The restorations are very accurate and strong.
  • They are made of metal-free, ceramic tooth colored materials.

Do you have a crown you need done and have been putting off due to time? CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In today’s world, many people are looking for natural-looking restorative options to repair their teeth. For larger restorations like crowns and bridges, patients will choose porcelain for its strength and beauty. When doing more conservative restorations, tooth colored fillings are often the answer. Made from microscopic glass beads with a resin matrix, these materials bond to the natural tooth structure. They reestablish the original shape of the tooth and strengthen it in the process. The material also hardens immediately so you can function on the teeth by the time your appointment is complete.

If you are tired of seeing the darkening of your smile, white fillings can often be the answer for that. When replaced they become invisible in your mouth, blending in the natural enamel.

If you have been considering replacing your silver fillings, CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are bonded on the fronts of teeth. Veneers are used to straighten teeth, improve on the color and shape of natural teeth, repair fractured teeth, and fill gaps between teeth. They can give you straighter, brighter, more even looking smile and are a great way to transform your smile in a few dental visits.

The ceramic used to make veneers has a translucent quality similar to natural enamel. Very little natural tooth needs to be removed to make room for the veneer, since it is so thin. The bonding of the veneers to the enamel of the teeth allows them to be very strong. Normal eating can be done and veneers tend to resist staining, unlike natural enamel.

Learn more about Porcelain Veneer Treatment by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Planning your veneer treatment with a Door Creek Dental dentist is a very important first step. Understanding your expectations as far as shade, tooth size, and tooth position is the foundation of a successful treatment. A smile analysis will be done including a discussion with you, photographs, measurements, and impression of your teeth.

Do you have one tooth you wish you could change? CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Whitening Options

Take-Home, Full Mouth Whitening

Full Mouth Whitening is an at-home whitening system. This system requires 2 visits to our office. At the first visit we take digital impressions to create custom trays just for you. On your return visit you receive your custom trays and whitening gel. Full Mouth Whitening is perfect for the person looking for whitening at home at their convenience. This is the most common type of whitening treatment we prescribe.

PLEASE NOTE: Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure well established for its safety.
Although the whitening process is effective on most discolored teeth, result are not guaranteed.
Would you like to brighten your smile? CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Fixed Bridges

When the replacement of one or two teeth is required a patient often wishes to have an option that is fixed in the mouth at all times, not removable. There are a couple of options for this in today’s modern dentistry. A dental implant is one treatment option. Another way to replace a missing tooth would be with a fixed bridge. This treatment utilizes the surrounding teeth around the missing tooth as a foundation and the natural teeth are covered by crowns onto which the entire unit is permanently cemented in place. The fixed bridge is usually covered by or made entirely of natural esthetic porcelain. It is fabricated by a dental laboratory to match the shade and position of your natural teeth.

Learn more about Porcelain Fixed Bridge Treatment by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Benefits of a three unit bridge:

  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Stabilizes the teeth to prevent shifting.
  • Protects the anchor teeth on both ends of the bridge.
  • Functional and natural looking option.

If you have an interest in a fixed bridge restoration, please schedule a consultation with a Door Creek Dental dentist. We can explain the options for tooth replacement and help you decide what is the best option for you. CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Smile Makeover

Design the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

You take the time to choose the perfect pair of blue jeans, or go through countless magazines in search of a new hairstyle, but did you know that you can choose your smile too?
At Door Creek Dental we combine technical expertise along with artistic vision to create the smile you’ve always wanted.

Are your two front teeth too wide? Do you have a space between your front teeth? Do your front teeth stick out? Are your teeth crowded or overlapping? Are your teeth all one color? If you have tooth-colored fillings, do they match your teeth? Do you want to replace your silver-colored fillings? Do you have missing teeth that need to be replaced? These are just a few of the concerns that we address every day. Whether it’s veneers, whitening, Invisalign or other procedures, Door Creek Dental has the solution that’s right for you.

Begin with an analysis

Even though you are your own best critic, it is best to start with an analysis to provide you with the information upon which to base your cosmetic dentistry decisions. We consider many factors such as tooth size, length, shape, color, function, position and gums.

Once the analysis is complete your dentist will discuss the outcome with you, and together with you will make decisions on things such as the specific shape, color and relative lengths of your new smile.
Learn more about what to expect from your First Cosmetic Dentistry appointment by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The next step is to develop a personalized treatment plan. This will include the specifics of your case along with the expected time and investment to create your new smile.
Have you been considering a Smile Makeover? CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

An implant is a small titanium post that replaces the roots of a missing tooth. It can then be use to support a custom made crown to replace a single tooth or else used under a denture to provide support for a multiple teeth replacement.

Learn more about Dental Implant Treatment by visiting this link to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Laser Treatments

Lasers have been approved for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients. All lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. When used for dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes into contact with.

Dental Lasers can be used to treat:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Issues
  • Biopsy / Lesion Removal
  • Canker Sores
  • Treatment of “tongue and lip ties”

Benefits of Lasers for Dental Treatment

  • In most cases, when used to treat small areas of tooth decay, no anesthetic will be needed.
  • Minimizes bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments.

Clear Aligner Orthodontics

How Clear Aligner Treatment Works

Instead of traditional brackets placed on teeth, patients wear clear aligners that are changed every two weeks to move teeth into the correct final position. For best results and a timely outcome, you should wear your aligners for 22 hours per day, throughout the entire treatment.


Dental Emergencies

At Door Creek Dental we understand that dental emergencies will happen and we want to help.

  • If an emergency occurs during our regular office hours, please call our office immediately so we can help you assess the situation.
  • If you are a patient of record and an after-hours emergency occurs, we do have a provider available on-call to speak with you.
  • If you need immediate assistance, seek assistance from your local urgent care provider or hospital emergency room.


TMJ Therapy (Temporomandibular Disorders)

TMD is a common subgroup of orofacial pain disorders, often incorrectly referred to as “TMJ”. TMJ is the abbreviation used for the temporomandibular joint or jaw joint.

TMD Symptoms

Pain or discomfort in or around the ear, jaw joint, and/or muscles of the jaw, face, temples and neck on one or both sides. The pain may arise suddenly and progress with fluctuating frequency and intensity over months to years. Clicking, popping, grating (crepitus), locking, limited opening or deviating jaw movement, chewing difficulties, and headache are also associated with TMD.
Causes for TMD are unclear as TMD usually involves more than a single symptom and rarely has a single cause. TMD is believed to result from several factors acting together, including jaw injuries (trauma), and joint disease (arthritis). Tooth clenching and grinding (bruxism) and head and neck muscle tension, while not scientifically proven to be a cause of TMD, may perpetuate TMD symptoms and often need to be controlled to reduce and manage TMD. It is important for the TMD patient to understand that the disorder can be chronic in nature and highly dependent upon multiple factors including emotional stability. Because there is no “quick fix” or immediate cure for TMD, the most successful and scientifically supported treatments focus on self-management and control of the aggravating factors.

Treatment Options


It may be recommended that you wear an orthotic (also known as a splint, night guard, bite guard) that fits over either your upper or lower teeth.

Splints are used to temporarily provide an occlusal condition that allows the TMJs to assume the most orthopedically stable joint position while clenching. Since this is more intense while we sleep, we only recommend wearing the splint at night. During the day we advise patients to avoid clenching and be aware of oral habits.

  • Occlusal stability while clenching
  • Joint stability
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Teeth protection


One treatment approach for your TMD/TMJ problem is to learn to manage your daily stress. Your doctor may recommend several techniques to help you do this. They may include biofeedback, relaxation breathing, guided imagery, and sometimes referral to a physical therapist.


Physical therapists are trained professionals who help rehabilitate all types of physical injuries. There are many different techniques that are helpful and the most common include jaw exercises, postural and ergonomic training, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and mobilization. Your doctor and physical therapist will work together to formulate a plan for your treatment.


Sometimes it is necessary to improve the way your teeth fit together. This can be accomplished in different ways.Orthodontics, usually with braces, can move your teeth so they fit together better. Orthodontics, usually with braces or clear aligners, can move your teeth so they fit together better.

Bite Reconstruction is accomplished through extensive dental work like crowns, bridges and, if indicated, implants. This is done to replace missing teeth or to change the size and shape of the teeth so they fit and function together in a more harmonious manner with the jaw joints and muscles.
If you have been experiencing any or all of the symptoms mentioned above, CALL 608-222-8080 OR CLICK TODAY TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“Door Creek Dental has been my loved and trusted dental practice for many, many years. My dentist, the staff and the service have been everything someone could hope for and more. I have had extensive dental needs since childhood and am a recovered “dentalphobe” all because of the compassionate care and my outstanding experiences at Door Creek Dental. They have state of the art systems and equipment and are able to handle so much on the same day. This only adds to the reasons to choose them.”

-Tish J.

“I’ve been nervous to go to the dentist far longer than I want to admit, but I finally took the plunge. Door Creek Dental was amazing! Diane and Dr. To put me at ease and made my experience as painless as possible. I felt so comfortable and am so glad I went. I’m so happy they are now my place for all my dental needs!”

– Jena S.

“Door Creek Dental has always done right by me. I just had a crown put on by Dr. To-Schwalbach. I love her work. She is meticulous, very skilled, gentle, and the resulting tooth crown is very excellent. I also love the hygienists (or assistants, or whatever they’re called nowadays) at Door Creek Dental. I have to say, I’ve never had such a “comfortable” (if one can call dental work that!) experience as this time around.”

– Lucy G.

We are an active-duty military family. We selected Door Creek because of convenience to location, reputation and they took our insurance. We received nothing but great service. Elixandra, Amanda and Dr T were all very professional, kind, thoughtful and thorough. So glad we have found them to be our new practice for dental care – and look forward to going back!”

– Loretta S.

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